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A Few Words About Pencil Kidz

Pencil Kidz offers after-school art programmes for kids and adults who want to learn how to draw and create various kinds of paintings. In classes for beginning artists, the major goal is to enjoy the creative process while developing their artistic abilities. We think that a good education includes both what you learn in books and from your experiences as a student. We can speak with them on a deeper level since the act of making art itself is a language. Students will learn about a range of arts in this lesson. These lessons encourage drawing in a creative way. To improve the learning environment for the kids, we offer a nice and creative setting.

We provide courses for both children and adults. We have a suitable curriculum for both schoolchildren and seniors, such as college students, housewives, physicians, engineers, IT professionals, and retired individuals. such as classes in oil painting, water colour painting, acrylic painting, pen drawing, colouring, sketching, canvas painting, Tanjore painting, glass painting, mural painting, portrait painting, pencil shading, perspective drawing, fine arts classes, and sculpting.

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